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August 23: Corbin Fisher: Soaking Up San Diego
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Active Duty: Allen Lucas & Gabriel Watson
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Falcon Bareback 31: Ride My Raw Cock!
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Late Tuesday, August 23: Tonight here's the most popular clip of the week. It's from Corbin Fisher. You know he features lots of college dudes, so it's just in time for the ones heading to campus for Fall — and the guys who love them.

Soaking Up San Diego

CF could not revisit our past homes without including San Diego in the mix. For a few years, CF was split between Tampa and San Diego, and we got to know and love the latter just as much as we have our other homes.

Marc, Kellan, Jacob, and Ellis help us revisit gorgeous San Diego in five full-length, hardcore scenes — as well as loads of fun bonus footage of the guys making the most of the trip! These studs could put on one hell of a show anywhere they went, but San Diego's surf and sun brought out some extra doses of lust and horniness in all four, and we're treated to a wild intense collection that is a must-own.

Hmm, sounds that that was an off-campus trip. I used to live near that Hillcrest sign and I recognize other sites in their clips, but did they cruise San Clemente Canyon or climb down to Black's Beach?
That's what I want to know.

Wherever they went, whereever they go, you can find 85 Corbin Fisher films in our Theatre. As I said, it's one of the most popular and most watched studios we can offer.

Take a look and find out why.

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So this update is late, but you get not only that nifty slideshow, you get a New Free Preview Video Clip released today! It's from Active Duty, so if you love guys in and out of uniform this is for you!

Allen Lucas & Gabriel Watson

Take a look at these two fine specimens! They're a couple of sexy peas in a steamy pod and they're hookin' up for the first time. We've grown to know Allen Lucas very well and have seen him turn from eager, curious fresh recruit, to bold, daring squad leader. He's exactly the man for this job, initiating brand new boy, Gabriel Watson into the fold.

Allen finally suggested Gabriel have a taste of his cock, so he sure did, and what do ya know?! Gabriel took to it like a fish to water. And then what a treat for Gabriel. Allen reciprocates by taking Gabriel's absolutely enormous erection very deep down his throat. The action at this point becomes so hot, the guys naturally move into an intense 69 formation and go to work on each other's throbbing knobs for a while.

All this fun was plenty to convince Gabriel to take the ultimate leap and try fucking his first guy! Claude gets underneath the guys and we see a wonderful view of Gabriel going in and out, starting slowly first, then building up some speed and fucking that sweet recruit real good. Then the soldiers move right into Phase 2 of this operation: Gabriel lays flat on his back on the bed and Allen gets on top of him to ride that big boner. He starts out nice 'n' easy but gets going really fast and hard, bouncing down hard on Gabriel's lucky cock. And then finally, Allen goes to his back so Gabriel can fuck the cum right out of him. And what a great job he does of that! Allen explodes like a firehose as Gabriel bangs that tender pocket with purpose and duty.

If you want more men on- or off-base, you better march yourself down to Active Duty.
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So you all know Falcon, they've been around not quite as long as I have. They do keep branching out. Look, they're up to Falcon Bareback 31! Here's July's

Ride My Raw Cock!

Classic Bareback scenes from these hit Falcon Studios movies: Champs, Weekend Lockup, The Crotch Water, Hayride, Stud Me, and Super Jock.

We have 702 Falcon titles in the CRUISING for SEX Theatre,
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