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Late Sunday, May 1 (or maybe it's Monday): Once again I work late. Friday I sent out the CRUISING for SEX April Newsletter. There were some issues (i.e., problems!) with the formatting. If you received the Newsletter by email or viewed it online, I want to hear from you. I have a page explaining more. Click through for a poll about what you want in the Newsletter and to add your comments.

Last week I mentioned that Bareback is the single most popular category in the CRUISING for SEX Theatre. The two next most popular categories are Amateur and Black so here they are. I'm giving more prominence to our own Theatre lately instead of porn studio sites because it brings more revenue, and CFS needs it! ;-) But really! The studio clips will be back.

More to the point, aside from upgrading the software and becoming mobile-friendly, let me know what you want to see here.

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May 1: Between work and emergencies and everyday life, these last two weeks have been very busy. Please read the CFS April 29 Newsletter: Hot Reviews & New Cruisy Places Are Back!

This includes six long and hot reviews from two rest areas, a park we hear about a lot, a college toilet, an adult bookstore, and a sexclub. This is just a fraction of what I see in the Sex Listings every day — created by you, thanks to you.

You'll also see some pics from our Cruiser Gallery which were either too good to miss or helped illustrate the reviews.

As I mentioned above, I want to hear from you. Tell me what you want for the Newsletter. I know many of you have missed it. Now you've got it, whaddya wanna do with it? Hmmm... Imagine the possibilities.

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We all start as amateurs at whatever we do, don't we? Then some get experience and exposure and become pros. Most of us just stay, um, hobbyists.

I went looking for amateurs and I found some at BLAKE MASON MOVIES in a recent release, BIG BRITISH DICKS. Most CFS Members are in North America; time to play on the other side of the pond:

Rule Britannia! Up and down the country, we have collected the biggest British cocks this proud nation has to offer, just for your viewing pleasure! Long, thick and veiny these monstrously beautiful shafts and pulsing dripping cock heads are ready to fuck, hard! Fucking like Kings for Queen and Country.

I didn't know that our Theatre has 206 BLAKE MASON MOVIES.

You might also like another recent amateur offering, JOCKS AND SOCKS: "Fit Jocks in dirty football socks is the game in Jocks & Socks from Blake Mason. These horny lads love nothing more than getting filthy in their sports socks - it gets their cocks hard and their holes hungry. So sit back and enjoy as the hottest jocks of Britain fuck each other so hard and sweaty they need to keep their socks on!"
I said that Amateur and Black are the second and third most popular type of porn in our Theatre. It's here for you and bareback too on this page!

At the CRUISING for SEX Theatre we can be "NSA" — no strings attached and no commitment — with options like pay-per-minute or pay-per-movie, just like some cell phone plans or non-porn video services. You can pay per minute, rent for 48 hours or even for life, or even purchase a digital download. Minute subscriptions are available, too. It's not just one studio or group of studios, but a long list of many studios, more movies than I know. Details are at the Theatre.

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All from the top kinds of movies: Bareback, Amateur, and Black (& White & Latino)
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You want a Black Man. Or you are a Black Man. Or you want to watch a Black Man. America never seems to escape from race. Instead of arguing, let's cum together. Let's enjoy CREAMPIES: THE URGE TO BREED 5 from RAW STROKES:
This compilation (does that mean only the best parts?) of 6 scenes includes previous scenes with: Antonio Biaggi, Armond Rizzo, Dev, Draven Torres, Drilla, Hot Rod, Jake Kay, Jerry Stearns, Robby Mendez, Shawty Blaq.

At least one of those scenes, I think, is in BAREBACK PURSUIT in which they say they're "Introducing our super bottom assassin taking on Drilla's huge dick. Mr. Marky breeds our super star Armond Rizzo!"

And yes, there's 55 RAW STROKES movies in our Theatre.

BAREBACK CUM PIGS. Three words. Says it all.
Here's BAREBACKING IN THE BATHHOUSE. And look, it's interracial, too:

Between the hot desert sun and the excitement of the Las Vegas strip, ten incredibly sexy and horny men come together for the bareback fuck of their lives. Join Alex Mason, Ray Diesel, Max Cameron, Hugh Hunter, Vinnie Stefano, Alessio Romero, Beau Reed, and Big Daddy Tyler Reed as they let off some steam at Entourage, a Vegas bathhouse where you’ll find men ready to fuck at the drop of a dime!

I see only three movies from BAREBACK CUM PIGS in our Theatre but they're all from 2016. Perhaps these pigs are new, just looking at the web page under development, but they're off to a promising start.

You can watch as much or as few minutes, scenes, or entire Bareback, Amateur, and Black movies — or select from all the other genres — in the 1000s of movies from many, many studios at the CRUISING for SEX Theatre.

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