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Sunday, May 2: Many of you are taking few days off. I'm combining fun with work. Earlier this weekend I sent out the May CFS Newsletter, then took a break before updating this page.

Remember, this holiday has a purpose. See on this page: Memorial Day and an LGBT connection.

I'll also remind you that this long USA Memorial Day Weekend is the last weekend of Masturbation Month! You can read what The Guardian has to say about it, including the factoid from Australian study that over 60% of men watch porn. Or instead of reading just do it!

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The May CFS Newsletter was sent May 28, 2016. Read it for a review from someone who's revisiting a particularly hot adult bookstore in Kentucky on this long holiday weekend in the USA. Did you go, too? Also, complete reviews about a DC sexclub, an LA-area gym, and another adult bookstore in Pennsylvania. All that, plus a selection of the most interesting recent places added and recently added reviews!
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We know that Memorial Day is the holiday when Americans remember those who died while serving in the armed forces, especially during wartime. Though it started as Decoration Day after the Civil War, it gradually became called Memorial Day and became standardized Monday Holiday — making the long weekend — in 1971.

Let's also remember USAF Tech. Sgt. Leonard Matlovich at this time, a Vietnam Veteran and Purple Heart recipient. Although he did not die while serving in the military, Matlovich was the first military service member to come out and openly challenge the ban on gays in the military.

His challenge of the ban became public on Memorial Day, 1975, then was on the cover of TIME Magazine with the headline "I Am a Homosexual." Matlovich was discharged in October.

Following his death due to AIDS in 1988, Matlovich's tombstone, without his name but with the words, "When I was in the military, they gave me a medal for killing two men and a discharge for loving one", was placed in the Congressional Cemetery as a memorial for all LGBT veterans. The ban that caused Matlovich's discharge is lifted now, and we owe him a great debt.

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Lips locked in passionate kisses, studs Sebastian Kross and Andrea Suarez make their way towards the bed. Andrea tugs down Sebastian's jeans, revealing the huge bulge of Sebastian's hard cock inside his tight, white briefs. Their sexual heat is boiling over as Andrea kneels down to service Sebastian's massive meat. Sebastian reclines on the bed as Andrea deep-throats his humongous cock.

Fingering his own hole, Andrea signals that he wants more. Sebastian dives face first into Andrea's crack, rimming his tight hole in preparation for an intense pounding. Lying face down on the bed, Andrea presents his perfect, round ass for Sebastian to fuck. Sebastian's abs ripple as he bucks his body, giving Andrea exactly what he wants.

To get the deepest penetration, Sebastian lays on his back and Andrea slides his hole over Sebastian's throbbing dick. As Andrea grinds from above, Sebastian thrusts from below, and his balls swing through the air. Andrea lays back and throws a leg over Sebastian's shoulder as they near the climax. White gobs of cum gush onto Andrea's abs, and Sebastian adds his own thick, creamy load to the mix.

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As his grandfather prepares dinner, Brandon Moore comes in with Scotty Zee, the new handy man, fresh from showing him all the things around the house that needs fixing. While they've banged out most of the items on the list, they're still not quite finished but the day is already starting to wind down, so Brandon asks Scotty if he'd like to stay for dinner. Scotty accepts and while his grandfather cooks, the guys take a load off in the other room.

Brandon, little troublemaker that he is, decides he's had about enough of Scotty giving him 'fuck me' eyes and decides to do something about it, inching across the room silently and making his way over to Scotty's reclining feet. Slowly he begins to unzip Scotty's coveralls, pulling his cock as Scotty silently questions him. Brandon puts his finger to his lips and tells Scotty to hush, as he starts to go down on him, deep-throating his cock as Scotty sits back. Clearly undeterred by the threat of getting caught, Scotty embraces the situation, pushing Brandon's head down onto his cock and then turning Brandon around to tongue his asshole, fingering him as he fantasizes burying his raw cock deep in Brandon's hole.

Minutes later, his fantasy is reality as Scotty has Brandon pushed up against the wall, mere inches of plaster separating them from Brandon's gramps in the kitchen. Brandon bounces his sexy ass against Scotty's thick cock, as Scotty grabs him by the waist and pounds him harder, and when grandpa has to go to the store for one last ingredient, Brandon and Scotty move to the center of the room, getting much louder as Scotty fucks him raw dog missionary style. Brandon strokes himself off as Scotty fucks the cum out of him, and then Scotty pulls out and blasts Brandon's freshly fucked hole with his load, before shoving it back inside and continuing to fuck away, at least until they hear the sound of the car pulling back up in the driveway.

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Mark is hanging out with his best friend's Dad, Rodney. They are catching up with some small talk. After some awkward silence Rodney moves in for the kill and starts kissing him. Mark not sure if this is cool but he goes with the flow and starts to undress Rodney to reveal his big thick dick. Mark grabs Rodney's hard cock and begins to suck on it the best he can.

Rodney loves the young college student all over his dick and now he is ready to fuck him on his kitchen counter. He bends him over and pushes deep inside; slow at first but then starts to pound that young tight ass. Rodney is all over him and he picks him up as Mark wraps his legs around Rodney's back. Rodney fucks up into him as he holds him.

The sexy little moans coming from Mark almost make Rodney bust his nut so they go to the floor and while Rodney is still on top of him, he fucks him fast and hard until Mark can't hold his cum no more. Mark cums all over himself with such excitement that Rodney pulls his dick out and strokes all the juice right out of himself onto Marks smooth young chest.


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Tony Salerno enters the confessional and admits his deceitfulness to Father, Ty Roderick. He has been impersonating a priest to seduce young boys after obtaining their trust. Tony has completely hit bottom, and is now asking Father for help.

Back home, Father Ty is asleep, dreaming about the confession he had heard earlier. Tony enters the room and asks Father for help one last time, before leaning down to kiss him on his lips. Ty rouses from his slumber and wraps his arms around Tony, kissing him deeply. Tony's hand moves down towards Father's crotch. He unbuttons his pants and pulls out his big dick, before lowering his mouth onto his stiff cock and begins to stroke it. They suck each other, and Ty gets to work on Tony's asshole, fingering it to loosen it up.

When ready, Father Ty gets on his knees behind Tony, and slowly slides his tool up his parishioner's ass. Tony moans, feeling Father's hot rod hit his prostate. Ty doesn't hold back, pounding this sweet sinner's ass, face down on the bed. Switching it up, Tony takes it face up and can't help himself but jerk his rod. Tony comes to climax, blowing his load on his stomach. Ty continues to hump Tony when he feels the urge as well. He pulls his cock out of Tony and drenches him with cum.

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Whatever you choose, joining one of these great studios or sampling with the CRUISING for SEX Theatre, you win either way — and so does CFS! Thanks for your time, your participation, and your support. ~ Bob S. ~ Manager/Editor

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