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Special Mid-Week Update: Wednesday, February 10: Today is Ash Wednesday and Mardi Gras is over. But is this season of Lent a time to give up things, or is it a time to try new forms of service?

Here in Houston, many will be served at LUEY Weekend, our annual "Thank You!" to the L/leatherfolk of New Orleans from the Houston Council of Clubs. We expect great weather this weekend and hundreds attending, and of course you don't have to be "into leather" to come and enjoy. It will be very "festive" as we say down here. And it's free for out-of-town guests, so if you can get to H-Town this weekend, join in the fun. I don't know yet if I'll be able to attend this year, but I've always had a great time at LUEY in the past.

You also need to know about NEXT DOOR RAW, now with another free video clip from this all-bareback division of Next Door Studios.

— with —

Friday, February 5, 2016: You may have seen some bareback on this page last week. This week the world is partying!  See More...

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I mentioned the Zika virus on Friday. Many of you may know that it was made public last week that Zika may be spread by sexual transmission.

In light of the popularity of barebacking and the videos here this week, I wanted to share what I could find about Zika and what it might mean to gay men and other men who have sex with men. It's on our Message Board: So The Zika Virus Can Be An STD... As I state there, I don't give advice and I do believe information is important. However, clearly the main focus has rightly been on women who are pregnant women and their babies.

If you haven't seen them, read the Guardian's interview with Garth Greenwell on his debut novel: 'I've been cruising since I was 14'. There is also And The Beat Goes On about cruising Australia — is it possible to cruise Sydney Mardi Gras? — and the recent piece on CRUISING for SEX, Cruising Isn't Dead—If You Know Where to Look.

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New Free Video Clips Added Wednesday, February 10:
The premiere of NEXT DOOR RAW continues!

HITCH A LOAD from NEXT DOOR RAW. Posted Here February 10
As Quentin Gainz navigates the back roads of his friend's vacation home, he spies a wayward drifter on the side of the dusty path. Zane Porter looks a bit tired from walking, and Quentin's car is a sight for sore eyes and feet. When Quentin offers him a ride, Zane doesn't even ask, 'Where to?' he just hops in the car.

Back at Quentin's place, neither guy is interested in playing hard to get, and Zane asks Quentin if he regularly picks up strangers on the side of the road. Quentin assures him it's not a totally regular thing, but Zane is already too busy taking off Quentin's pants to hear the answer. Zane sucks Quentin off, who gets nice and hard before he unzips Zane's jeans to see what he's packing. As Zane unfurls his cock, Quentin thinks he's hit the lottery, and Zane is feeling lucky as well, choking out this stranger with his long cock, as Quentin deep throats Zane and begs for his cock.

Zane is down to fuck but neither guy has a condom. Quentin mentions that he's into it if Zane is, and with that, Zane plunges his raw cock deep into Quentin's virgin ass, fucking him missionary as Quentin closes his eyes. He remarks that he's never had a raw cock before, and Zane pounds even harder, before shifting to let Quentin hitch a ride for a change.

He bounces up and down on Zane's cock, grinding on it as he feels it pulse in and out of him, before Zane flips him over onto the sofa and proceeds to pound him out doggy-style, pulling out to wet Quentin with his load, and then shoving his cock right back in to finish the job, fucking the cum out of Quentin as he shoots his load off onto the table below, just in time before Quentin's buddy comes home to catch them in the act.

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Of course, with so many doors to choose, the CRUISING for SEX Theatre just went up again 273 movies from NEXT DOOR STUDIOS

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This next clip actually upcoming next week for ICON MALE affiliates but is
available now in the CFS Theatre!

CHEATERS from ICON MALE, Released January 27, 2016, Posted Here February 10.

In this bold new series from Icon Male, we peek in on four couples who are cheating on their sexy partners in the quest for even more hot sex! Billy Santoro plays the scared, abused spouse to win sympathy sex from young and well hung Armond Rizzo and Kory Houston. But when Billy's boyfriend Jaxton Wheeler finds out, he pays Armond a visit and shows the Latin lover the meaning of fear. We also peek in on a scandalous relationship between fatherly Max Sargent and his girlfriend's son, Josh Stone. Who will the gorgeous older man choose - his fiancee or his future step son? Starring Max Sargent, Jaxton Wheeler, Kory Houston, Billy Santoro, Armond Rizzo and Josh Stone. Written and directed by Nica Noelle.
Our Theatre has 36 movies from ICON MALE. And of course you can watch these on the cheap at the CRUISING for SEX Theatre on pay-per-minute and many other choices.
From Friday, February 5:

So it's to get into FUCK HOLES.

As I looked through our Theatre when preparing this week, I saw a "VOD Exclusive" with our provider: FUCK HOLES 3: SOMETIMES A HOLE IS JUST A HOLE.
Posted Here February 5 from TREASURE ISLAND MEDIA at the CRUISING for SEX Theatre.
This clip is hosted at Treasure Island Media and we are a TIM affilate.
You can watch it at our Theatre or join and watch at TIMFuck. Whatever works for you best is the best!

"FUCK HOLES 3 breaks the boundaries of queer porn as the first ever inter-gender porn flick.

Gay men breeding gay men, a cis boy breeding a t-girl, an over the top gay cum loading gangbang, my first ever straight creampie scene shot for gay eyes.

For those of you who say you want more INTERNAL cumshots – FUCK HOLES 3 is for you. The cum is OVERflowing. 139 loads of jizz. Most of them injected right into holes. [click for scene details]

I believe porn is an artform. I believe all good porn is good porn. I came of age watching pre-condom video and when I discovered Treasure Island Media I felt like I had found the one cult that was tearing down the status quo of mainstream porn. The division that existed between gay condom porn and bareback porn in the 2000's always seemed stupid. Straight porn wasn't using rubbers so why was gay porn?

Bottom line, it's all just porn, right?

"Create a path where there wasn't one, or where it had perhaps been covered." – Stephen

"I just hate when gay men are resistant to new things. I never thought I would like straight and trans porn and now I'm addicted." – Anonymous

The creation of a queer porn movie intended for gay men featuring gay, trans, and straight people seems like a natural evolution to me. Not to mention, it's fucking HOT.

Sometimes a Hole is Just a Hole.

--- Max Sohl"

See more including their freshest meat at TIMFuck!

But wait! We have more Fuck Holes hidden on this page! [Look for them]

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If there's a particular studio that you love, please join or renew through our links. If you want more variety, then explore all the "NSA" no strings attached, no long-term commitment options low-cost ways to watch porn with us at the CRUISING for SEX Theatre. I believe it's important for performers and creative people to be paid for their work. If you agree, doing so through our links also helps CRUISING for SEX stay online because the small commissions we receive help pay the bills. Think about it: Nothing's really free.

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It's the premiere of NEXT DOOR RAW!

When freshman pals, Bridger Watts and Rod Peterson, receive invitations to pledge for the coolest fraternity on campus, they're stoked! But will NDX really offer everything they've heard about through myths and legends? Will there really be unlimited chicks to bang? Frat chairmen Markie More and Derrick Dime are showing them what really goes on behind the closed Greek Row doors.

Upon arrival at the NDX house, Markie More is very short with the boys, telling them to go into the living room, strip down to their underwear, and wait for instruction. Moments later, NDX President, Derrick Dime shows up in a hooded cloak, ready to begin the pledge test. Rod and Bridger are blindfolded, so all they hear are Markie and Derrick's voices. They're instructed to hold each other's dicks, which seems very strange at first. Then, after failing to correctly answer a series of trivia questions about the ancient order of NDX, Rod and Bridger are required to lick Markie's and Derrick's asses!!!

They get in there deep, making sure to please the NDX elders so they'll be accepted into the brotherhood. Next, the blindfolds come off and the blowjobs begin. Bridger and Rod suck the elder dicks as a rite of passage. Once Markie and Derrick reciprocate, Rod and Bridger begin feeling more confident about their chance of become new members of NDX.

The four are soon on the couch. Derrick squeezes Bridger's massive, bare cock into his tight hole. The guys can't believe they're doing so well at this grueling pledge initiation! What a wild ride so far! Derrick bounces on Bridger's stiff erection, and jerks Markie and Rod at the same time. Once the boys realize how good this activity actually feels, they forget for a while that this isn't supposed to be so much fun!

Next, Derrick gets down on all fours and lets Markie pound his sweet hole for a while, to let the new recruits know exactly what a proper fucking looks like. Then, Bridger takes a turn and, despite being nervous, does a great job of banging the frat president's tight ass.

And to cap off the whole pledge test, Derrick sticks his hungry hole up in the air and lets each guy fill it with their hot, meaty cum loads. Find out if Bridger and Rod make the cut in this wild, unpredictable four-man adventure, where a couple of excited freshman are getting a lesson in who rules the school!
When you join NEXT DOOR RAW you'll get a new bareback scene every week, access to 16 Next Door Studios sites, unlimited downloads, multiple weekly network updates, and access to thousands of HD videos.
For even more beyond the door, the CRUISING for SEX Theatre also has 272 movies from NEXT DOOR STUDIOS

You can watch these and thousands of other movies and scenes from many studios, just as much or as little as you need, without having to pay to join a site or pay a recurring membership fee — although we have those options at the Theatre.

LABYRINTH from RAGING STALLION was here a couple weeks ago with the first three scenes. The quest for a wetter, harder orgasm takes many forms. This might not be all-bareback, but it's the continuation of one hot a-MAZE-ing orgy!
LABYRINTH: (Scene 4) Posted Here February 5 from RAGING STALLION

Naked men prowl a dark, cavernous space hungry for sex. Johnny V sits masturbating furiously, until a knock prompts him to stick his cock through a gloryhole where Chris Harder's mouth awaits. Chris' body is a composition made of fur and ink.

Another cock emerges from an adjacent gloryhole. The cocks are close enough for Chris to jack them both off at once when a third cock stabs through another gloryhole. Chris shifts from cock to cock, using his mouth and hands to satisfy them all.

Johnny comes out, wearing only a leather harness, to discover who's sucking him. He leads Chris to a dark corner and offers his muscle-butt for the taking. Chris jams his cock in him without bothering to take off his shorts, grasping Johnny's harness like a pair of reins.

Men watch as voyeurs and pleasure themselves. The show changes when Chris and Johnny trade places. Chris is so ready to be fucked that Johnny's cock slides right in with ease. The excitement of being watched by horned up hunks adds an extra layer of steamy erotica. They switch positions and butt-fuck themselves on opposing ends of a two-headed dildo, achieving simultaneous, noisy orgasms that shoot across the room.

You can click here for the three earlier clips from LABYRINTH without leaving this page!

Also, don't miss the LABYRINTH Photo Gallery!

We are rising again, up to 520 movies from RAGING STALLION along 1000s of movies from other studios! That's all waiting for you at the CRUISING for SEX Theatre on pay-per-minute and other options, no membership needed.
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