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BUGGERY, Paul Morris' most recent release.
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And yes, there's more! Our October 3 Newsletter features a review from a beach in Australia, so I have a free video clip from a movie shot in Oz along with the many reasons and value-conscious options you have for watching at our own theatre.

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Going Down Under All Over! Read our October 3 Newsletter with five complete new reviews in full. We take you to a beach in Australia and several US adult stores, and everybody's going down. You'll also see excerpts about the best recent reviews of cruisy places in Spain, Wales, from coast to coast in the US and even Hawaii, all from the Sex Listings.

The Truckers At This Place Sure Do Like To Play! Let's read about hot trucker action, that popular DC sexclub, an Amsterdam cinema, a Seattle park, adult stores, and more in the September 26 Best Reviews Newsletter.

Forty Cocks In Four Hours! Our September 19 Newsletter has five complete reviews from a famous bathhouse with lots of cocks, adult stores, and a park that came up 1st in Google plus many more excerpts.

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Two of Corbin Fisher's most popular young studs, Dawson and Lucas, jetted off to Australia for a couple weeks of awesome fun! Their trip was jampacked full of adventure, including an exhilarating hot air balloon ride, an exciting helicopter flight, and treks through the streets of Sydney and Melbourne! Plus, of course, they had loads of intense sex!

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You all know this company, and it's the most frequently searched studio in our CFS Theatre's provider. It's time to hook you up directly to them. Here's a clip from Paul Morris' most recent release BUGGERY, Posted October 2 from TREASURE ISLAND MEDIA!
BUG·GER·Y - noun: The criminal offense of male anal copulation; sodomy; human defilement (cf. penal code ref. “a crime against nature”); to contaminate, infect or corrupt by means of sodomy; the depravity of the beast. "BUGGERY is made up of some of the crudest, rawest sessions we’ve made here at TIM. Of all the vids I’ve produced, this is one that stands out for me. In particular, the sessions with DAYTON O'CONNOR, JACK ALLEN and ANDREW DARLING are lessons in the passion and force of men in the heat of sex. Heavy loads of sperm, big dicks, willing and hungry holes -- what more could you ask for?" — Paul Morris

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from NEXT DOOR WORLD! Computer and Mobile Friendly!
Tension mounts as prodigal son Johnny Torque returns. Markie, Quentin and Paul were hoping that their tryst behind the church would stay a secret, but it appears Johnny also caught a glimpse of the fun, and it's put Markie in-between a cock and a hard place. As he and Johnny make the bed, their past feelings are evident, and as one thing leads to another, Markie finds himself pinned beneath Johnny in a passionate embrace that makes him remember why they were involved in the first place.

Johnny slips down to Markie's waist and begins sucking him off. Markie gets hard immediately, and Johnny can sense his hunger. Markie pushes Johnny up against the head board and deep throats his ex's dick, spitting on the head and slobbering all over the shaft, then throwing him down on the bed and mounting him. Markie rides Johnny's dick like he was making up for lost time, but Johnny wants control, so he flips Markie over and pounds him from behind, running his hands along Markie's back before grabbing him at the waist and thrusting long and hard.

Markie wants to see Johnny's face as he cums, so he flips over into missionary and begins to stroke himself off as Johnny continues to hammer away. Markie spits his load all over himself, dousing his stomach as Johnny pulls out and blasts him with a load years in the making. But wait? Is that Quentin creeping just outside the doorway?

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Posted October 2 from TITAN MEN!
The most iconic and award winning leather series in gay porn history, the Fallen Angel series set the standard for what Leather and Fetish is supposed to be. Director Bruce Cam took the backroom and brought it into the bedroom for everyone to see in all its glory. Masculine and muscular leather clad men doing things that many had never seen, and most will never forget! Bruce Cam has chosen the very best scenes from the five Fallen Angel films and had them digitally restored into HD and 16x9 wide screen. You can now see every turgid muscle, every bead of sweat and every pulsating puckered hole about to be violated!

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Billy has just finished up at the gym and is dressing down into some cleaner clothes when Caleb walks in and begins to check him out. Caleb is used to getting whatever he wants so when he goes after another man for sex he'll get it for sure and this case is no different. Caleb doesn't want a BF ,he doesn't want a FWB, he only wants to fuck you once and move on no numbers exchanged or anything and don't count on getting his number unless he really wants that ass around more often. All it took was for Caleb to eye Billy and he was on his knees sucking away at that big juicy dick. Billy is in heaven with that cock deep in his ass and those soft balls slapping against him. His moans and groans can be heard throughout the locker room. Caleb just wants to hit it and quit it and once these two men were done fucking Billy wanted some digits for another encounter but Caleb quicker turns him down and walks right out of the locker room.

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SEX PAD: (Scene 3) Posted October 2 from FALCON STUDIOS
When Ryan Rose compliments the view from the Sex Pad, Nicoli Cole interjects, 'it's beautiful'... but he's more mesmerized by Ryan's luscious butt, not the sprawling view outside. Kissing, they instantly take each other's clothes off. Nicoli is eager to feast on Ryan's hard cock and lick his smooth torso. Ryan smiles, squeezes his pecs and pushes Nicoli onto the bed, sprawled out and ready to be taken. Ryan swallows Nicoli's cock fully and sucks on his balls. Nicoli rolls over and Ryan sticks out his tongue for Nicoli to rub against. Ryan mounts him doggie style, corkscrewing while Nicoli moans in tune to the rhythm. Two hot butts move sensuously, Ryan's sliding into Nicoli, and Nicoli's as it takes each stroke. Sounds of passionate man-sex ricochet off the walls. Nicoli aggressively detaches and flips Ryan onto his back, re-mounting on his cock and squeezing Ryan's throat. Screaming that he's 'gonna cum,' Nicoli expels a stream of hot cum onto Ryan's torso, then dismounts and jacks out Ryan's load for him, slurping up the semen and the sweat, then bending forward for one last kiss.

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