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Friday, November 27, 2015: For our many US members and guests, I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful! I'm grateful and glad that you're here. Lots of folks are traveling on this long holiday weekend. Be sure to take CRUISING for SEX with you! Are you waiting in an airport? I have a free video clip from an airport, and this weekend's newsletter will have reviews from an airport and from a popular travel destination.

If you're waiting at a gate or an airport food court, you don't need an app to look around and see who's looking at you (although that might help). If you find a private spot, you can watch a movie with us. We know the cruisy spots and adult stores located near airports, too, so let us be your cruising buddy! You find the man and we'll tell you where to take it next!

Remember that our Sex Listings and the Newest Tips section on this page are normally updated every weekday, so keep cumming back to see what's new. Use the Sex Listings Quick Search to find cruisy places on the road and where you stay.

You can help us pay our bills and stay online when you watch porn with us at the CRUISING for SEX Theatre. This week I have a free clip from a movie set in an airport for you. We're cheap, hot, and slutty always with value-conscious pay-per-minute, rental, and purchase options!

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You can also watch more just-released porn direct-from the studios — this week with TITAN MEN and MEN OVER THIRTY with free video clips further down the page. All these bring us small commissions which help us stay online and free for you.

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Reach Your Destination With Fun Along The Way! Read our November 27 Best Reviews Newsletter for the holiday weekend. This week we talk about travel, with reviews at a popular destination - Vegas! - where many guys go to the same store. If you're en-route, it's still happening at the airport, too, and of course there's always an adult store and even the real-life YMCA for five reviews in full from some of your favorite cruisy places.

Gone Downhill To Lots Of Action? Is it down or going down? Read our November 21 Best Reviews Newsletter. Here's two reviews from an ABS in Pennsylvania and another from a store not far away. Things are hopping in the Quaker State! We also have reviews from a Milwaukee bathhouse and a Texas university, for five reviews in full from some of your favorite cruisy places.

The Happiest Ending You Can Imagine! This week we spend a night - or more! - in Bangkok and also a park, a popular sauna, a couple of adult stores, and review excerpts from the best recent reviews and some new places, too, in our November 14 Newsletter. You know you want to read it, and the six reviews in full!

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CRUISING for SEX Theatre
Are you waiting in an airport? You might not watch this in line at security, but find a private spot where you can be alone — or maybe with a new friend — to see Airport Security from William Higgins. Yes, you can watch on your phone or tablet and it's cheap! Pay per minute, stop when you want, and you're not locked in to recurring membership fees! By the way, William Higgins is one of the most famous names in gay porn, making movies since 1978 and still going strong today! This the latest of his Airport Security series from just two months ago and we have more, as much as you want!

AIRPORT SECURITY VOL. 13: Secondary Inspection Posted Here November 27 from William Higgins at the CRUISING for SEX Theatre
Ivan Mraz is embroiled in some problems in Airport Security. He is brought in to see Borek Sokol, by Petr Zuska. It seems that his passport has been lost, and there is some confusion as to how it happened. Petr goes off for coffee and leaves Borek to do paperwork. But Borek decides on more that paperwork, cuffing Ivan and bending him over the table. Petr returns and quickly joins in, threatening some anal inspection.

Josef Houska and Petr Maslak have been stopped at the airport and taken to Airport Security, where Tom Vojak is ready to inspect their package. Tom opens the package and discovers a number of sex toys. He decides to take them to another room for further examination. He moves them into a room equipped for action...

We've got 13 of the AIRPORT SECURITY series (one is missing, but there's a two-parter here) as well as 422 total movies from William Higgins at the CRUISING for SEX Theatre — not to mention dozens he created for studios such as Catalina — and of course 1000s more movies from other studios for whatever turns you on.

At the CRUISING for SEX Theatre we are pay-per-minute or pay-per-movie, just like some cell phone plans or non-porn video services. It's pay per minute, rent for 48 hours or even for life, or you can purchase a digital download. Minute subscriptions are available, too. You can watch your favorite movies, stars, directors, and genres without having to pick just one! See more at the Theatre.

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New! LIKE FATHER LIKE SON: Scene One: Posted November 27 from TITAN MEN!
As they take turns sucking each other’s big jock cocks, toned Caleb King and tan Luke Adams are interrupted by Luke’s dad Casey Williams. They zip up and head out for practice, but Caleb’s dad David Anthony shows up with his son’s bag.

Left alone in the kitchen, the two dads give in to their urges. David’s salt-and-pepper beard and mustache are wrapped about Casey’s thick shaft, the sucker’s nose hitting the muscle dad’s pubes. Casey snaps his cock up in David’s face, the sucker stroking his huge meat as he milks and gulps Casey’s veiny shaft. The two kiss as their cocks slam against each other in hot swordplay, Casey soon on his knees as he tries his best to swallow David’s beast. “Tug those nuts,” directs David. “So fucking good!” David eats and fingers Casey’s ass before fucking him from behind, Casey pushing his boner down to show it off as he gets entered.

Meanwhile outside, Luke and Caleb stroke their big boners side by side as they watch and listen to the action. Casey takes it on his back as David’s abs, chest and shoulder muscles tighten as he fucks him—the four studs soon firing their big, creamy loads.

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Are you ready for some football? Maybe you're ready for anything! HARDCORE FANS: Posted November 27 from MEN OVER THIRTY!
Trey and Daxton are some hardcore fans so every time there is a game they paint themselves up to fully immerse themselves. Daxton isn't quite sure if he wants to do it this time around but Trey is having no buts about it and paints himself and Daxton.

While painting Daxton's chest Trey gets a little touchy which throws Daxton off but his cock is becoming hard and Trey is on his knees painting when he notices the bulge. Trey goes from painting to caressing which is pretty sneaky 'cause then Daxton's cock is deep in Trey's mouth sucking and playing with his balls.

Daxton is fully invested in this moment and wants to return the favor so they both strip down and Daxton gets to lick and stroke Trey's big cock. They can't take too long playing around in the locker room so Trey starts to fuck Daxton up against the lockers and on the bench legs up ready to bust his nut. Trey fucks the nut right out of him which than sets Trey off to unleash his built up cream all over Daxton's chest.

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21 MEN OVER THIRTY movies are also available at the CRUISING for SEX Theatre on pay-per-minute and other options.

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