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Rikk is cleaning up around the house and he hears his doorbell ring. He's confused because he is not expecting anyone and his BF is out of town. He answers the door and Alessio is standing there excited and eager. Rikk is pissed that he just showed up without calling since they both have BFs. Alessio tells him not to worry because his BF has left on a work trip and he already knew that Rikks BF would be gone. They begin to make out at the door and soon making their way upstairs to rip their clothes off. Just before they get into sex Alessio gets a phone call from his BF so they have to halt everything in the middle of the passion. Alessio tells Hunter that he's at the gym and will talk with him later. He goes back to the bed and Rikk isn't too happy about it but they begin to suck and fuck without a care in the world. These two lovers are passionate for each other and they both want to break up with their BFs for each other but neither one has done it yet. After the hot pounding and cum releasing they make a deal that they must break up with their BFs before they meet up again. They agree to it but Alessio seems a little apprehensive. Enjoy! See more Men Over 30 Including Mobile-Friendly!

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Wes James is a southern California stud with a rock hard body and cock that really stands up and demands attention. Raised by the beach, this sun kissed, soft-eyed hunk has plenty of confidence, and when he loosens up his shorts and exposes his meaty cock, it becomes obvious why. Wes sits perched on the bed, staring down at his rock hard member as he slowly plays with the shaft, teasing the head as he strokes away. Jumping up onto his knees, he slaps his dick in the palm of his hand as he continues to fondle, his cock swelling to its full size as he gets up and saunters over to the window. Leaning against the wall, he spits on the head and proceeds to rub it in as he rubs one out, before retiring back to the bed where he lays himself out to launch his load, dousing his chest and stomach in a pent up explosion that could only be described as epic. Enjoy!

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