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Dragon Media, Joe Gage, American Bukkake
March 21 · 2 / 6
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Noir Male, A Group Thing
March 20 · 4 / 6
Interracial Fourgy Fuckfests…
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Lucas Entertainment, Bareback Auditions 10: Raw Dogged
March 18 · 6 / 6 · Lucas Delivers Hot & Raw When You Want It!

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Big Easy Holes
Each year around Labor Day, men from around the world head to New Orleans (aka the Big-Easy) to enjoy a week of wild sex parties and in-the-streets hi-jinks. From riding raw dick to spreading sweaty ass cheeks, you name it, it all goes down, and we were there recently with our men and our cameras to liven’ up the scene -- TIM-style!

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August 30, 2018: So some of you will remember Joe Gage's classic "Trucker Trilogy" which defined a type of rugged blue-collar working man for gay/M4M porn in the late '70s and early '80s.
Joe Gage gave us a masculine archetype.

Now he's back, truckin' again with Titan Men
in the newly remastered in HD

Truck Stop On I-95:

In Truck Stop on I-95, legendary porn master Joe Gage works his usual horned-up magic at a roadside truck stop full of men on the prowl. Rugged Billy Wild is driving around looking for sex when he shows up at a roadside truck stop just in time to watch donkey-dicked Logan Bryant fuck the cum out of cute Dylan West. Down in the basement, throbbing cocks stick through glory holes eager for Billy’s attention, and a room full of trucker fuckers rut like beasts until the floor’s sticky with loads of hot fresh jizz.

Scene 2, 3, & 4

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Of course, with CFS, you're in charge.
You can watch Titan Men at the CRUISING for SEX Theatre
on that cheap pay-per-minute basis.

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