Craigslist Personals are GONE!
But CFS is here to thrive!

March 30, 2018:

Hey Guys! This message is from Joe, your new CFS Admin assistant.

If you haven't heard or saw for yourself, the Craigslist personals are now history; completely deleted! This is a direct result of the soon-to-be-signed FOSTA bill. We know that some of our members used Craigslist M4M regularly not only to cruise, but to also just read some of the fun and fascinating fetishes that are out there; either way we are sad to see an end to an era, as risky as we all knew it was.

Here's the GREAT news for our users. Cruising for Sex is still here, and unaffected by the bill, and you can POST ALL YOU WANT LOOKING FOR YOUR NEXT HOOK-UP! While you may have noticed that we have made some changes to the site, including streamlining some items and eliminating the Communal Stall page, you can use the Message Boards to find whomever you want right here: Just like Craigslist, you can post in your own state or region to find local men to play with, or start any topic and get any information you want!

I personally used Craigslist in the past to hear about some new places to cruise that I never explored. On the missed connections section, I would always be reading about places that guys hooked up or almost hooked up. I was a hopeless romantic and sometimes lived vicariously through their stories! That section of Craigslist still exists, but is not easy to navigate, now that is located under the community section. I recommend posting on the Sex Listings at and helping us keep all of the cruising listings up-to-date. If you are missing out on the personal stories and reviews that you crave, we've got em here on our Home Page:

And if you want even more fun, head to MenForSexNow for instant hook-ups. This is SO much easier than replying to mysterious Craigslist ads in the middle of the night!

Thank you for continuing to support CFS, and let’s make sure to keep it thriving!

Keep Cruising! - Joe

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